Globiuz I: First Light – Alternative Format




Globiuz I: First Light (PDF) – Pocket format (5.25×8″)

Third Edition – 2021

This is a Pocket format (5.25×8″), Third Edition (2021). Alternative cover, design and big fonts (13pt).

A debut novel, where we meet the attic storyteller Bakarak for the first time! Third edition expands on Crix, Binglow and Legen, contains new chapters and characters! Exact copy of the paperback. Downloadable PDF file in a zipped folder.

  • original publication date: October 31, 2018
  • format: lossless PDF
  • paper dimensions: 5.25×8″
  • no DRM restrictions
  • print length: 406 pages
  • ISBN-13: 979-8503958010
  • language: English
  • age restrictions: none
  • file comes in a zipped folder

Zip archives are natively supported by many OS’ (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android).

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