Zip folders and how to open them

Zip folders could be easily opened on any OS. It is the oldest archive format, created in 1989, and embedded on many systems.


Native zip support comes since Windows 2000. Right click on the folder, and chose ‘Extract All’. Simple as that! You don’t need to download or buy any software for that.


Similar procedure is on MacOS, zip files are integrated in Mac’s ‘Archive Utility’. Simply, click on the folder and select the ‘Uncompress’. Zip guide for Mac.


Zip format is supported natively on any iOS 13 device. On iOS 12, 11 or earlier, you have to download an archiver, like iZip or WinZip available on your


Android comes with the an embed zip archiver too. Tap on the folder, to see the ‘Uncompress’ menu.


In case if your OS is missing any archiver, there are free alternatives: